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Toyota Developing AV Tech with Low-Cost Cameras

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Image: Toyota

April 8, 2022—Toyota's self-driving division Woven Planet is working on developing high-function AV technology with inexpensive cameras.

According to a report from Reuters, Woven Plant is using low-cost cameras in place of other technology such as LiDAR to collect data and train its self-driving systems. The company called the implementation of cheaper technology a "breakthrough" and hopes it will make autonomous vehicles less expensive and more feasible.

"We need a lot of data. And it's not sufficient to just have a small amount of data that can be collected from a small fleet of very expensive autonomous vehicles," Woven Planet Engineering VP Michael Benisch said in the report. "Rather, we're trying to demonstrate that we can unlock the advantage that Toyota and a large automaker would have, which is access to a huge corpus of data, but with a much lower fidelity."

Per the report, the cameras the company are using are 90 percent cheaper than the sensors it used before and "can be easily installed in fleets of passenger cars."

Benisch said the company will continue to use radar and LiDAR sensors in other capacities, though, adding those seem to be the safest methods of operating robotaxis.

Image: Toyota

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