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Buttegieg: US to See 'Meaningful' AV Policy This Decade

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March 18, 2022—U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttegieg on Wednesday said federal policy regarding autonomous vehicles will take a major step forward in the coming years.

According to a report from Reuters, Buttegieg said the autonomous driving industry is still "in its infancy," and regulators are trying to strike a balance between setting boundaries and stifling innovation.

"It's okay to allow that experimentation to flourish up until and unless we start seeing a real escalation of some of the safety concerns," Buttegieg said. "I think we're going to see very meaningful developments here in the 2020s."

Efforts to regulate the industry have made little progress over the last few years, and an increase in crashes involving autonomous vehicles has placed a renewed emphasis on the need for more standard regulations.

Per the report, Mercedes-Benz Chief Technology Officer Markus Schaefer said it "'absolutely' wants a regulatory framework to protect the company before it releases its hands-free, semi-autonomous driving system in the United States."

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