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Rhode Island Offers $1.25M in Rebates for EV Purchases

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March 15, 2022—Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee on Monday announced the state would be offering a new round of electric vehicle rebates.

The state's DRIVEEV program has been around for six years according to a report from the Providence Journal, and this version will make $1.25 million in state funding available this summer.

Residents who purchase a new EV from a dealership are eligible for $2,500, while those who purchase a used car will get $1,500. An additional $2,000 wll be made available for those who meet low-income requirements. The state rebate is compoundable with a federal $7,500 rebate.

The Journal reports that around 4,900 of the Rhode Island's 718,000 registered vehicles—about 0.6 percent—are electric. That number is 10 times higher than it was in 2015. 

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