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Honda Makes ADAS System Standard on All New Models

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Feb. 25, 2022—Honda earlier this month announced its Honda Sensing suite of driver assistance systems will now come standard on all new models.

The full suite includes a number of collision and traffic alerts, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control, "smart" braking and other systems. According to a news release, the system will now use a single-camera system that has a faster processor than the multi-camera and radar system that earlier iterations of the Sensing suite used.

"The single camera provides a wider field of detection than the previous radar-and-camera based system," the release said. "Combined with software advances and a new, more powerful processor, the system is also capable of more quickly and accurately identifying pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles, along with road lines and road signs."

The release says nearly 5 million Honda vehicles are making use of the full suite. Honda officials say the system is not intended to replace driver control of the vehicle.

"The driver must intervene in certain situations and must always be attentive when using the system," the release said. "In addition, drivers have the option of turning off some or all of the various functions."

Image: Honda

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