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New Car-to-Car Communications Proposal Described as Unsafe

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March 11, 2020—Ford warns that a recent FCC proposal to use a segment of radio spectrum for WiFi use could make car-to-car communications unsafe and hinder self-driving car advancements, reported CNET.

The automaker wants all the spectrum in a swath of airwaves near the 5.9GHz frequency band to be available for a technology called C-V2X, short for cellular vehicle-to-everything communications, according to the report. C-V2X repurposes the mobile network technology in your phone to let cars talk to each other, as well as traffic signals and other devices.

Previously, the spectrum had been distributed for a car-to-car communication technology, Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC). It didn't gain traction.

The FCC offered to split the new airwaves between vehicular use and unlicensed spectrum open to anybody. 

Check out this story to learn more about the C-V2X and DSRC: The Connected Vehicle Delivery Debate.

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