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Camera-Based Mapping Progresses in Mich.

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March 11, 2020—CARMERA and Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD) used consumer-grade cameras to map Michigan roadways, including in central Detroit, as part of their partnership.

The latest phase of testing involved dashboard-mounted cameras to detect road features such as lane markings, traffic signals and signs and place them along Michigan roadways in central Detroit and Ann Arbor.

TRI-AD and CARMERA aimed to use street-level cameras from production vehicles, as well as aftermarket telematics systems, to produce comprehensive, accurate mapping data for both horizontal and vertically positioned roadway features.

The initiative between the two companies used the same technology that powers CARMERA's Real-Time Events and Change Management engine, which detects, validates and delivers updates to CARMERA's regenerative HD mapping system in minutes. Hardware-agnostic, yet anchored to "ground truth," the technology unlocks the potential of lower cost sensors and existing vehicle probes to help maintain HD maps everywhere.

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