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Mercedes Unveils Vision EQXX Concept

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Jan. 5, 2021—Mercedes-Benz on Monday unveiled the Vision EQXX, an all-electric concept car.

According to a report from CNN, the company claims the car can go 620 miles on a single charge and is made "with a host of innovative recycled and sustainable materials including mushroom fibers, ground up cacti and trash such as food scraps." The range claim is based on computer simulations and not actual deriving, though if it's accurate it far surpasses the range of other EVs on the market.

The company is planning a spring demonstration to test the vehicle's actual range.

Though just a concept, the EQXX is planned to be "a technology blueprint for series production," according to the company. The automaker has said it intends for its lineup to be all-electric by the end of the decade.

Image: Mercedes

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