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Hyundai Recalls 2.7K Ioniq EVs for 'Unintentional' Acceleration

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Dec. 30, 2021—Hyundai is recalling 2,697 2017-2019 model year Ioniq EVs due to an issue that can cause "unintentional acceleration" after a driver removes their foot from the accelerator. 

According to reports from Kelley Blue Book and Inside EVs, Hyundai says an “unstable electrical ground” can force a vehicle into a fail-safe mode “designed to prevent impact during driving by restricting vehicle speed." Breaking and steering work normally, but an affected vehicle will be forced to drive very slowly.

Though not as scary as the phrase "unintentional acceleration" may make the issue sound and the vehicle's brakes are strong enough to counteract the speed increase, the defect can cause an accident. 

Hyundai says it is aware of only one instance of unintentional acceleration happening in South Korea and that did not cause an accident, but Hyundai engineers were able to recreate the defect in a lab setting, which prompted the global recall.

Hyundai dealers will fix electrical wiring and update software in affected vehicles.

image: Hyundai

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