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Trouvé Victory Touts High-Performance Luxury EVs

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An electric vehicle at a charging station.

Trouvé Victory, a Canadian-based luxury EV startup, earlier this month announced it plans to launch its line of electric vehicles in 2023. 

Touting a range of up 700 miles and a full-charge time of four hours according to a news release, Trouvé says its vehicles will be a seamless blend of luxury, performance and electrification. 

The company will unveil three models "in the near future" that will be manufactured at plants in Canada, the U.S., European Union and other locations across the globe. 

The release also claims each model will be fully recyclable, made from natural fibers in an effort "to reduce pollution to help support environmental sustainability."    

This week, Chairman Faruk Rama and CFO Peter Monchuk joined Digital Multimedia Editor Noah Brown on the ADAPT Podcast to talk about the process of bringing Trouvé to market over the past five years and how they plan to separate themselves in an increasingly crowded EV car parc.

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