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Ford, Purdue File Patent for Rapid-Charging EV Cable

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Nov. 16, 2021—Researchers at Ford Motor Co. and Purdue University have submitted a design for a new EV charging cable for patent. 

According to a news release from Ford, the two groups are working to develop a cable that "could eventually lead to re-charging EVs as quickly as conventional gas station fill-ups."

Purdue researchers are focusing on an alternative cooling method for EV chargers, which have to limit how quickly they can charge vehicles currently due to the risk of overheating.

“Electric vehicle charging time can vary widely, from 20 minutes at a station to hours on an at-home charging station, and that can be a source of anxiety for people who are considering buying an electric vehicle,” Purdue engineering professor Issam Mudawar said. “My lab has come up with a solution for situations where the amounts of heat that are produced are beyond the capabilities of today’s technologies.”

According to the release, Mudawar's lab plans to begin testing a prototype within two years.

Image: Ford

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