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US Falls Behind Europe for Safety Technology Testing

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March 2, 2020—The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced it will make changes to a testing program that assigns safety grades to new and future vehicles, according to Insurance Journal.

The NTSB chided U.S. regulators for falling behind Europe in safety testing. The last time rules on safety testing were updated was in 2015. 

European safety ratings assess all advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) currently available and regulators have passed some laws on the technology.In 2018, European Union regulators required the installation of acoustic and visual warning signals for lane-keeping systems every 15 seconds if drivers take their hands off the wheel.

Europe's New Car Assessment Program, also known as Euro NCAP, places pressure on automakers as well. The group is a non-governmental body but funded by some EU countries and also receives money from national motor clubs and insurers.


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