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NTSB Calls Out Tesla Autosteer as Completely Inadequate

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Feb. 26, 2020—The National Transportation Safety Board called out Tesla Autosteer as "completely inadequate," at a hearing on Tuesday, reported CNBC.

Autosteer is supposed to keep the vehicle in its lane when cruising at highway speeds.

The NTSB said that although Apple engineer and game developer Walter Huang was a distracted driver, Tesla’s forward collision warning system did not provide an alert, and its automatic emergency braking system did not activate as his Model X SUV with Autopilot switched on accelerated into a highway barrier. 

The office wants Tesla to improve its driver engagement monitoring systems.

The agency, which investigates accidents and can make safety recommendations, asks automakers to respond to its recommendations within 90 days. But it had been 881 days since Tesla received the recommendations and failed to reply.


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