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Slovakian Flying Car Completes First Inter-City Flight

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July 2, 2021—Slovakian tech company Klein Vision successfully completed a 35-minute test flight for a prototype of its Air Car flying car. 

The car successfully flew from an airport in Nitra to an airport in Bratislava Monday, which are about a 60-mile drive away from each other, according to a report from Motor Authority. The car hit a cruising altitude of 8,200 feet and a maximum speed of 118 mph.

The two-seat vehicle has a rear-mounted propeller powered by a BMW-sourced, 160 hp engine and retractable wings that fold into the vehicle when in road mode. The conversion between flight and road mode happens at the push of a button and is done within four minutes. 

The prototype is street-legal and is the version Klein Vision will use to "achieve road and flight certification."

Image: Klein Vision

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