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Here Comes a Hydrogen-Powered Land Rover

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A Land Rover Devender on a forest road.

June 16, 2021—Jaguar Land Rover announced this week that it was developing a hydrogen-powered version of its Defender SUV.

The move to create an SUV with a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain is in line with the automaker's aims of eliminating tailpipe emissions by 2036, according to Road Show.

"A Defender motivated by one of these alternative-fuel drivetrains could be the best of both worlds," the story says. "The SUV would emit basically no tailpipe emissions and likely deliver punchy performance similar to that of an electric car, but that's not all. Refueling could be accomplished in just a few minutes, like an internal combustion-powered vehicle, not require hours attached to a power outlet. Even though they aren't quite ready for primetime, there are real benefits to hydrogen fuel cells."

The vehicle could be tested as soon as the end of the year.

Image: Land Rover

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