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The Push for Charging Stations is On

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An electric vehicle at a charging station.

June 11, 2021—There are billions of dollars earmarked for electric vehicle charging stations in President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan, enough cash to help create a nationwide network of 500,000 stations.

That's according to a report from NBC News, which details the evolving landscape of EV chargers, including retailers that are offering them to customers, increasing voltage at stations, which organizations would be in line to tap into those billions of federal dollars, and even corporate deals between OEMs, charging companies, and banks.

"Each charging network is leveraging relationships to speed up installations." the story says. "Ford is offering buyers of its Mustang Mach-E 250 kilowatt-hours of free energy through Electrify America stations and is also partnering with Bank of America to 'let you charge where you bank,' the automaker said."

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