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Report Lends Stark Clarity to Vehicle Complexity

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Green computer code similar to that seen in "The Matrix."

June 9, 2021—Is it possible that by the end of the decade 50 percent of a new car's cost will be based on its semiconductor-based electronic systems?

An in-depth IEEE report offers that projection, alongside other statistics and more, to make the case that the auto industry is in a time of unparalleled change.

“No other industry is undergoing as rapid technological change as the auto industry,” Zoran Filipi, chair of the Department of Automotive Engineering at Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research, says in the report. “This is driven by the need to address impending, evermore stringent CO2 and criteria emission regulations, while sustaining unprecedented rate of progress with development of automation and infotainment, and meeting the customer expectations regarding performance, comfort, and utility.” 

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