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Laws Call For Noisier EVs

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June 7, 2021—One benefit of the shift to electric vehicles is less noise pollution in cities, though traffic that makes little to no noise can be dangerous for people who are blind or have partial sight.

A CNBC report details the issues around U.K. and European Union legislation that takes effect July 1 requiring new hybrid and electric vehicles to be equipped with acoustic vehicle alerting systems, or AVAS, which will function when the vehicles are traveling slower than 20 km per hour or are in reverse. The aim is to help people who have sight problems.

Those concerned about a lack of noise from EVs say the new rules don't go far enough, the story says, because they exempt existing vehicles and that AVAS should be required at higher speeds. The European Association for Electromobility, an industry group, told CNBC that the regulations were sufficient.

"[M}andating additional noise beyond 20 km/h would rob European citizens of one of the primary benefits of electrification: reduced noise levels at city speeds," the group said.

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