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Should Automakers Be Mandated to Help Stop Drunk Driving?

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A police car with its lights on at night

June 1, 2021—Should automakers be required to include technology in vehicles that could prevent drunk driving?

Writing in an op-ed for the Washington Post, the father of a police officer who was killed by a drunk driver argues that Congress needs to act to make it standard for cars to be equipped with features that stop intoxicated people from getting on the road.

"Congress has the power to end drunken driving by passing the Halt Act (H.R. 2138) in the House and the Ride Act (S.B. 1331) in the Senate," writes Richard Leotta. "These bipartisan bills would mandate a rulemaking by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that would lead to a safety standard to equip all new cars with drunken-driving prevention technology.

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