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U.S. Interest in AVs Lags Behind Other Countries

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Ipsos survey results.
Interest in autonomous driving vehicles among vehicle owners as surveyed by Ipsos.

May 21, 2021—A California-based automaker—yes, Tesla—may be top of mind when it comes to who's leading the push toward autonomous vehicles, but just how interested are drivers in its home country in driving AVs?

A new survey from Ipsos, which bills itself as the world's third largest research company, found that just less than a third, 31 percent, of vehicle owners in the U.S. surveyed in 2021 said they are interested in autonomous driving vehicles. That figure is comparable to Germany, where 34 percent of vehicle owners said this year they'd be interested in an AV.

The interest in Brazil compared to the U.S. and Germany is nearly double, according to Ipsos, at 61 percent of vehicle owners surveyed this year. Data from previous years shows growing interest in all three countries since 2019.

Interest is greatest in China, where 78 percent of vehicle owners are interested in an autonomous driving vehicle. More information about the survey can be found here.

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