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Lightning Strikes: What Ford's Electric Truck has to Offer

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May 21, 2021 —The big reveal of the Ford F-150 Lightning was on Wednesday (though President Joe Biden got to drive it a day prior), and much news came along with the world's official introduction to the electric truck.

NPR rounded up some of the key takeaways from when Ford and the United Auto Workers revealed the Lightning in Dearborn, Mich.

  • The starting price for the electric truck will be lower than anticipated, coming in around $40,000. NPR notes that most internal combustion trucks start at around $50,000. The Lightning is also eligible for a federal tax credit.
  • The truck's range is 230 to 300 miles depending on its battery. Some 56 miles of range can be added via 10 minutes on a fast charger. NPR notes such specs are "not eye-popping figures and that other electric vehicle makers have set their sights higher.
  • With 11 built-in outlets, the electric truck can power a worksite. Also, per NPR, it can, should the power at your home go out, automatically send electricity back into the house, powering it for a couple of days.

Image: Ford

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