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Texas Mulls EV Fee to Replace Gas Tax

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May 20, 2021—Texas legislators are looking for ways to fund roads and highways as more drivers subvert the traditional means, gas taxes, by driving electric vehicles.

The Texas Senate, according to Car and Driver, is discussing a bill that would charge EV drivers from $200 to $250 for their cars each year as a means of covering funds lost by the cars no longer needing stops at the gas pump. An additional fee of $190 would be charged to the drivers should exceed more than 9,000 miles driven in a year in their EV. Other states have looked into such laws.

The Car and Driver story says other ways of making up the lost taxes have been floated.

"Instead of annual EV fees, which don't take actual road usage into account, Plug In America and other EV advocates support what are called road usage charge programs, or ways to charge people for the actual miles they drive each year, often factoring in the weight of the vehicle," the story says.

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