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Tesla Teardown in Lead with Technology

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Feb. 19, 2020—A new Tesla Model 3 teardown ordered by the Nikkei Business Publications came to the conclusion that Tesla is “6 years ahead of Toyota and VW” when it comes to electronics, reported Electrek.

Nikkei Business Publications, a Japanese media outlet, conducted its own Model 3 teardown.

In the teardown, Tesla's full self-driving computer, Hardware 3, stood out. Tesla  claimed the system that powers Autopilot can perform 144 trillion operations per second, manage 2,300 frames per second, and do it all while consuming less power.

Nikkei gave a reason why automakers will not advance their own platforms:

“Automakers worry that computers like Tesla’s will render obsolete the parts supply chains they have cultivated over decades, the engineer said. Such systems will drastically cut the number of electronic control units, or ECUs, in cars. For suppliers that depend on these components, and their employees, this is a matter of life and death.”

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